Shadowline Matte & Gloss Black Window Trim Vinyls

You're here for at least one of two reasons: 1) you're not a fan of your vehicle's chrome window trim and/or 2) you want the sportier appearance that black window trim gives your car. Fact is, chrome window trim makes the size and profile of your car's windows more noticeable. It will also tarnish and develop a "cloudy" appearance over time from exposure to the sun and other harsh outdoor elements, making your car appear older than it really is.

The solution? Black it out with Shadowline window trim vinyl and achieve the exact same factory look of BMW's Shadowline trim that's part of their optional "Sport Package". Shadowline black trim tones down the "flashy" window appearance and gives your car a sleek, modern look.

Whether your goal is to simply give your car a more aggressive look, cover up embarrassing faded chrome, or completely "murder out" your ride, Shadowline black window trim vinyls will achieve the look you're after. With all of today's aftermarket products geared toward modifying your vehicle for a sportier appearance, it's the perfect compliment and adds that final touch. Without a doubt, blacking out your car's chrome window trim will be one of the least expensive yet most noticeable and rewarding modifications you will ever do to your car.

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The Latest Before & After Photos Submitted by Customers | Most Recent Submission: June 17, 2023

Below are the most recent photos submitted by our great customers who've used Shadowline vinyl products on their vehicles. Take a tour of our customer showroom and check out over 200 more before & after photos. Remember, if we use your photos you'll receive a $10 REFUND!

Customer Testimonials

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    All blacked out factory except chrome window trim, which has driven me crazy until I found your product. Thanks!

    — Brent C.

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    Very pleased with the way the trim turned out! Thanks for a great product!

    — Jed K.

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    Great product guys, thanks!

    — Raj P.

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    Guys, I've attached some before & after pics. I'm lovin' the new look. Thanks!

    — Dan S.

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    Here are Shadowline before and after pictures on my BMW E60. Awesome stuff! Really pleased and happy with this $30 mod!

    — Andrew K.

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    I just got the Shadowline done on my car and it's great. I have a 328xi E92...attached are the photos.

    — Matthew C.

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    Here are some pictures of my recently installed matte black Shadowline vinyl. Thank you for the speedy shipping and excellent product. Enjoy!

    — Ryan M.

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    Arrived fine to the U.K. The matte black vinyl looks mega on my Audi. I'll be recommending this to all my buddies. Thanks!

    — Wade L.

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    Hey guys, GREAT product! Here are some photos of my before and after. Hope you like them.

    — Vincent S.

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    I have an '07 VW Passat 2.0T. Here it is with your matte black vinyl installed. I did the window trim and the front grille. Thanks a lot for putting out a good quality product!

    — Andy W.

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    Hope this qualifies for the $10 refund :) Attached are pictures are my full MTEC E93. Excellent product, thank you. Enjoy!

    — Jimmy D.

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    I installed the gloss black Shadowline vinyl today. I absolutely love it. My car looks so sick with it. Thanks guys.

    — Jeremy S.

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    Here are some before and after pics of my 2007 335i E92 with matte black. It came out great. Thanks guys!

    — Drew Y.

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    Easy application even for a novice. The matte black vinyl was so easy to work with. I've recommended this to all the guys over at

    — OneThreeFive

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    Wrapped my nasty chrome trim with Shadowline vinyl. Now my e90 looks perfect.

    — Christopher R.